Daniele Marinelli and his DTSocialize: the all-Italian revolution in the digital assets world

By registering with Ushare, a company who sells services from DTSocialize, you have the possibility, as we mentioned earlier, to buy DTCircle tokens and other products from the DTCircle ecosystem (see the appropriate sections “Ushare tokens“). But what are these DTCoins and products/ services of the DTCircle ecosystem which Ushare collocates on the market? Let’s try to understand together what this world is, still unknown to many, and let’s try to understand in depth how great its importance is, at times still nebulous, in a world that leaves more and more room for technology and new ways of monetising one’s time, experience and data.

DTCoin and DTSocialize: an original Italian signature in the world of Big Data

As we have already seen in other articles (DTCoin Ushare and Ushare DTCoin), Ushare, among many other things, is also the community where participants can use and help generate the digital asset called DTCoin. But what exactly is this DTCoin? Many speak of it as the first Italian cryptocurrency: in reality, that is not exactly the case. Sure, Daniele Marinelli, CEO of DTSocialize (read also: DTSocialize what is it), had an idea to revolutionise the world of Big Data and this for the first time under an Italian (more precisely, Roman) signature, instead of the usual signatures of the big international web giants.

Since 2010-2011, when people in Italy were beginning to talk about Bitcoin, his idea was in fact to contribute to the creation, from a computer code, of a currency complementary to the ordinary one, the so called FIAT currency. 

More than a cryptocurrency, in fact, DTCoin is a digital asset from which a real ecosystem of complementary economy has been created. In the digital asset market, the DTCoin is becoming increasingly popular, gaining more and more attention from the crypto community.

The novelty of DTCoin lies in the fact that it is for the first time based on Big Data, i.e. the information that users provide by surfing the web. 

In more detail, DTCoin is a digital asset based on the demand and supply of the data traffic generated and collected. Whilst the volume of transactions in the DTCircle ecosystem grows, new opportunities to use DTCoin to go shopping rise thanks to apps such as Ubuyup.

The Big Data market is an ever-growing market, as witnessed also by the numbers: a total value of USD 456 billion is expected by 2021 alone.

Daniele Marinelli and the revolution in the monetary system

Daniele Marinelli’s great revolution also lies in the way he’s approaching the monetary system: whereas previously the money system was based on a fixed amount of gold (which is why even the fiat currency could fall or rise in value), DTCoin is the first stable digital asset that is built in a way not to lose value. In the DTCoin world, price and value thus take on new meanings.

This is because, thanks to accountant Daniele Marinelli’s previous experience and thanks to his long study and analysis of the market, in the new ecosystem he has created, called “DTCircle”, the value is based on an original mechanism built within the Forced Market Cap.

It is in fact the reference point for all the profits generated through the tools for acquiring and analysing big data. Its value is therefore based on requests, offers and traffic of data generated and collected: it is the first digital asset whose value can never go down, but rather grow slowly and steadily thanks to the support of the data market. It is a mathematical algorithm that allows capitalisation growth, created through a digital asset. For Daniele Marinelli, DTCircle, DTCoin and the whole project developed after its creation were a very important phase in his entry and revolution in the financial system.

DTCoin has innumerable strengths not only compared to traditional currency, but also and above all compared to cryptocurrencies in the world of digital assets. Any innovation in this field, in fact, must be reliable, technologically secure and price stable. 

While cryptocurrencies are based solely on the supply and demand model, DTCoin differs from these because its goal is to create a community of at least 100 million users worldwide.

Not only that: its transaction speed, compared to other cryptocurrencies, is truly unsurpassed. If the average transaction time of a Bitcoin is one hour and that of a Litecoin four minutes, the conversion of a DTCoin takes less than a second.

Moreover, DTCoins can be sent to the entire world not only ultra-fast, but also without any fees or massive energy consumption.

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