DT Coin Blog: Visa and Fintech District collaborate for financial innovation

Daniele Marinelli, entrepreneur at the helm of DT Socialize and owner of uShare marketing, shares with his readers an important initiative concerning the financial sector. Visa and Fintech District are collaborating to facilitate access to financial solutions.

The function of Visa

Visa, in collaboration with Fintech District, the renowned fintech community in Italy, aims to facilitate and promote the development of technologies and financial solutions accessible to all. This goal reflects the joint commitment of both entities to contribute to innovation and accessibility in the financial domain. According to Eva Ruiz, Head of Fintech Southern Europe at Visa, the payments sector is constantly evolving, with fintech leading the way in financial innovation.

Visa has long been committed to supporting fintech through programs that foster their growth and an open approach to its global network, providing the technologies and security features that characterize it. The collaboration with Fintech District, as explained by the founder and CEO of DT Socialize holding, Daniele Marinelli, will allow Visa to further expand its network in Italy, facilitating collaborations with significant entities in the Italian fintech landscape and thus contributing to the sector’s growth.

The Fintech partner connect program

Lastly, Daniele Marinelli of DtSocialize states that the Fintech Partner Connect is a program that offers a suite of features to financial institutions and merchants, combining Visa’s solutions with those of fintech partners. The project promotes collaboration between the traditional financial sector and fintech startups to develop advanced solutions.

Among existing partnerships, the one with ecolytiq, focused on sustainability, stands out, along with the entry of new players like Switcho, an app for recurring expense analysis. Furthermore, the “Banking as a Service” program opens up new fintech opportunities, allowing entities outside financial institutions to integrate innovative financial services, such as cards or bank accounts, into their offerings.

Eva Ruiz emphasized the broad spectrum of verticals that Visa addresses in the fintech world, including cryptocurrencies, “Buy now pay later,” open banking, and B2B payments, highlighting that Visa’s commitment goes beyond simply issuing payment credentials but also embraces the promotion of innovative payment acceptance solutions.