It’s an Italian that launches the first “coffee in the Metaverse”

Young Federico Buompane crowd-funds a virtual emporium that allows people to follow all stages of coffee production, from planting to roasting to purchasing the product.

Federico Buompane is the creator of the first roastery designed for the metaverse, the virtual world that is considered the evolution of the Internet as we know it today and where people, through their avatars, populate an endless series of virtual spaces where they can live, thrive, and interact but without the limitations typical of the real world. 

Federico, who has been living in London for the last five years, recently launched “We Roast in the Metaverse”, the final project work he chose as final assignment by his school – St Gabriel’s College in London. Unlike many similar project works that stay only on paper because they are conceptual and simply part of the training process, this one is already in the crowdfunding stage, meaning looking for funding through the donation system. “We Roast” already exists in the real world, and is the family-owned roastery operating in the heart of the English capital.

“The decision to bring this particular business into the metaverse was born from the deep connection I feel with my parents.” says the student “For decades their business has been focused on the production and marketing of coffee, first in Italy and then in the United Kingdom, especially London, where they operate through a series of directly operated coffee shops, based on their roasting operation, and then distributing to other businesses. What I want to do is to bring innovation to the family business, creating and spreading knowledge of how we come to get a coffee on our table, for the benefit of my generation that is the one that will benefit most from the metaverse in the near future.”

One of the first to join Federico Buompane’s project is Spatial Port, a San Francisco-based hi-tech company, which is providing the young student with the know-how needed to create a full-fledged virtual store that will go beyond the classic e-commerce concept. 

“I want to stress in We Roast two features – technology and sustainability – as added values. The metaverse is an interconnected network of three-dimensional virtual worlds that will eventually function as a gateway for almost all of our experiences by almost erasing the fine line between the virtual and physical world. Through a dedicated blockchain the entire production process will be monitored, from planting to harvesting, transportation, post-production and final purchase. There will also be a huge focus on gaming, the activity undoubtedly best known to my generation. Through virtual viewers I will help my peers to increase their culture about the whole coffee chain. Finally, sustainability: coffee is the most widely drunk beverage but it also unfortunately contributes to climate change due to massive production system put in place to produce enough coffee for everybody by some. So my generation has the duty to acknowledge the future world ahead of us and to implement whatever action is necessary to improve it. And this will also come through asking for drinking an espresso made in a way that respects Nature, no matter if we prepare it at home or in the office or if we order it outside, in a bar or restaurant. I believe that only technology, and the metaverse, could enable this evolution.”

As anticipated, We Roast in the Metaverse is already in an advanced stage thanks to a crowdfunding activity that is enabling it to be funded and implemented quickly. The project received explicit endorsement by two important figures in the industry: Genevieve Leveille, founder of Agriledgere –  an international leader when it comes to applying blockchain technology to agriculture, and Joseph De Villiers of World Coffee Alliance, a worldwide network of professionals and consultants specializing in the world of coffee. 

Here are all the details of the project


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